Me posing for a new LinkedIn photo pre-Lancer Central shoot

I returned to the Longwood Athletics department for the Spring semester of 2021 for another internship, this one as the lead contenet creator of the athletic news show, “Lancer Central”. My fall internship was plagued by issues of the pandemic, in having no sports to film, however thsi time we had sports, and we had a lot of them. During the spring semester the fall and spring teams were playing, so there was alot of games in a short amount of time. I ended up completing five epsidoes all on my own. I was tasked with the recording, editing, shooting…

Below are my tweets as acting as a Media coverage for the Baltimore Orioles, in their matchup against the New York Yankees on 4/5/21

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks /3/23/21

I acted as a New York York Knicks PR person during their matchup against the Wizards on the 23rd. Below are my live tweets during the events.

Me directing the first game of the Longwood Baseball Blue V White scrimmage for ESPN+

While Longwood Athletics department during the Fall semester of 2020 I was tasked with creating a new video series that is entertaining during this time of no athletic events via the Covid-19 Virus. The end result was a Mic’d Up Sights & Sounds video series spanning nearly all of Longwood’s Division One programs including Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Women’s Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Women’s Golf. My boss completed the Softball and Cross Country videos in the series with Men’s Soccer being held due to players not wearing their mask properly and Tennis yet to be posted. I thoroughly…

In an odd veterns day weekend sees less turn out at the box office. In result, “Midway” snags the Veterns day weekend crown while “Doctor Sleep” fails to wake up and falls way under projections.

“Midway” sneak attacks “Doctor Sleep” to claim the top spot

Check back next week to see if “Ford v Ferrari” can race its way to the top of the domestic charts or if “Charlies Angels” can pull. a “Midway” upset.

Keep up to date with day to day updates via Twitter at The_LifeOfDylan and Facebook, Charting With Dyl.

The sixth installment of the franchise drops $10 million under projections

Charting week 8

Last weekend, four new films opened with “Terminator: Dark Fate” claiming the top spot with $29,033,832. While good enough for first, the final number came in nearly $10 million behind projections when the weekend started.

“Dark Fate” opens atop the chart but is a disappointment

Next weekend keeps the trend going as it is another busy one. five new films open wide. …

Two new films opened wide this weekend, though neither debuted on top.

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” & “Joker” battle for the top spot as “Black and Blue” & “Countdown” battle for fifth

Next weekend is another busy one. Four new films open wide, while “The Lighthouse,” “Jojo Rabbit” and “Parasite” continue to expand. The sixth Terminator film, “Terminator: Dark Fate,” opens alongside the low-budget animated film “Artic Dogs,” along with Oscar hopefuls “Harriet” and “Motherless Brooklyn.”

Check back next week to see how “Dark Fate” compares to other “Terminator” openings and if “Joker” can make further progress towards becoming the top R rated domestic film of all-time.

Keep up to date with day to day updates via Twitter at The_LifeOfDylan and Facebook, Charting With Dyl.

Two new films opened this weekend, both sequels, and both had drastically different opening results. “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” topped the domestic charts, however it still fell short of expectations, seeing a major drop in the franchise’s opening weekend totals.

Two sequels battle for the top spot

As mentioned last week, the latest film by South Korean director Bong Joon-ho and the recipient of this year’s Palme d’Or, “Parasite,” is killing it in limited release. Last week, the film set multiple records and to follow that outstanding performance up, in its second week of release, “Parasite” continues to rack in money in limited theaters. Placing 11th…

“Joker” laughs it up again in its second week

Charting week 5

This previous weekend saw three new films open in wide release with one setting records in limited release. However, “Joker” still reigns supreme as in the films second week of release it has already earned nearly 10 times its budget worldwide. The Joaquin Phoenix starring film has made over $543 million worldwide.

The first of this weekend’s new releases lands in second, over performing by $7 million according to BoxOfficeMojo’s projections being “The Addams Family (2019)”. The animated film earned $30.3 million. However, on the flip side, one…

“Joker” opens nationwide and sparks controversy as well as setting records

Charting With Dyl 10/4/19–10/6/19

This previous weekend’s box office saw only one new film open wide, however, that film set a lot of records. A few being setting the domestic record for highest October opening of all time unadjusted for inflation, the 2nd highest opening in Fall box office season history only behind 2017’s “IT” and the fourth largest R rated opening of all time behind both of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool films and “IT”.

The Joaquin Phoenix starring, Todd Phillips’ directed “Joker” opens atop this weekend’s box office totaling…

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